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Gaming is a growing field and millions of people around the world enjoy playing video games. These games are very exciting, and you can stick to it for hours. If you are into game development or just curious knowing how games are developed, then you must read these books.

Basic Math for Game Development with Unity 3D

By – Kelvin Sung, Gregory Smith

This book teaches you the fundamental math concepts that are required for game development. You will not only learn the theory but will also look at examples that will help in the implementation of the game.

You will know about motion simulations, collision support, shadow approximations, and more. You will understand how points and vectors are used in game development.

3D Game Engine Programming

By – Gustavo Tommasi

Mathematics and programming are the most important elements of game development. You will understand graphics in 3D engines here. The book is written in simple language and you only need to have basic knowledge of computer and algebra.

The WoW Diary

By – John Staats

This book explains the work that a game developer does. There are lots of myths about this industry and the book debunks these myths. You will find examples of various projects and know what challenges the game developer faced, the mistakes made and more.

Hands-on Game Development with WebAssembly

By – Rick Battaglini

You will learn how to create a WebAssembly game by reading this book. You will learn about WebAssembly application with JavaScript, C++, HTML5, and more. You will learn some simple, but effective techniques for game development.

You will get a better understanding of camera design, particle system, sound system, and more.

These books will help you understand basic game development concepts. You will become a better game developer by reading these books.