Top 4 Video Games of This Decade

featured image Top 4 Video Games of This Decade - Top 4 Video Games of This Decade

If you enjoy playing video games, then you will know about many of the games that will be discussed here. Here we are going to share some of the best video games of this decade.

Fallout: New Vegas

The Fallout series is awesome, but this particular series stands out. The sense of humour, flexibility in the story, and the depth of the characters are great. In the game, you have to make some moral decisions. You can decide the outcome of the game and that’s what makes it special.

Mass Effect 2

It is one of the best role-playing games of this decade. It is a character-driven game. The characters are very well-written, and the storytelling is awesome. The game is about exploring planets, different civilizations, and more.


This game took the market by storm. The pixelated building simulator turned out to be one of the most popular video games of this decade.

It can be played like a survival game and you can craft weapons for protection, raise structures to survive in an inappropriate environment. It has been almost nine years since its release and still, millions of people play this game and talk about it.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

It is much better than its previous version. There are lots of planets in this game with more crucial challenges. The game is exciting and super fun.

These games are still popular and played by lots of people today. These games brought in new elements and concepts to the game scene and captured the hearts of millions.